H3 is a 1000 sq.m. house located in the suburbs of Athens that was designed using water as its core element, in order to both satisfy its bioclimatic requirements and to reflect the client’s love for yachts. The artificial ponds that surround it create a cooling sensation, while the water for the lakes and pool comes from a well and a drainage system that distills and collects it into a tank. The bioclimatic design allows the sun to warm up the space in the winter, while in the summer it cools down as ventilation extracts the warm air.

The use of geothermal energy provides energy savings for the cooling and heating coil-fan systems. The rooms are equipped with spiral heat exchangers that warm up the pool water using the solar panels on the rear side of the plot, while electricity is produced through the adjacent photovoltaic panels. The house was constructed using eco-friendly materials and the surroundings have been decorated with wall sculptures by John Aspras.

Images © 314 Architecture Studio | Architect In Charge: Pavlos Chatziangelidis | Consultant Engineer: Fotini Karagianni | Construction: Mohamed Ahmed