This is a renovation of a house in Mani where the veranda and the openings offer stunning views to the surrounding landscape.

“In this project we made changes to the layout and function of the upper level, both internally and externally. We also readdressed the lighting design and colours in addition to some bespoke carpentry solutions. Our aim was to bring a feeling of freshness and calmness to the space, inspired by the natural colours of the unique surrounding landscape of the area of Mani.

We aimed to achieve a rustic, interior character with minimal forms that reflect the blue and green colours of the Messinian landscape, together with the introduction of some reclaimed wood features. On the veranda, the soft hues together with stone textures offer a feeling of serenity and nostalgia too. The white hues create a fresh atmosphere where geometry, materials and textures give a unique identity to the space whereas the mint green colour creates an atmosphere of freshness where natural materials like stone, can help to add warmth. Through the colours and the materials we wanted the space to be personal, reflecting the personality and the habits of our clients. The new lighting plan and specific lighting fixtures helped to highlight the new soft hues and tones to provide the desired tranquility.”

Images © Stephany Tzanoudaki (LOCI archive)