The 84sqm apartment is located in the center of Serres city, in northern Greece.  The young owner’s only request to the architectural team was the dark shades in an industrial type bachelor apartment.

In order to meet the new needs, the architectural office proceeded with a complete renovation of the apartment by removing the original masonry and redesigning the spaces.

The central axis of the house is now a wooden box around which the spaces develop. The living room and the open plan kitchen have been relocated next to the large front openings while the private spaces are located at the back of the apartment. The storage room and the shared bathroom were “hidden” inside the wooden box.

The apartment has a master bedroom which communicates with the dressing room and the ensuite bathroom via a metal sliding door. Black melamine is the main material for the wood paneling and the furniture, while the rest of the walls were coated with Kurasanit mortar. The kitchen island is a custom made construction from stainless steel sheets, giving a more industrial style to the space. The bathrooms follow the same design aesthetic with tinted mirrors, metallic black details and tiles in shades of gray and black.

Images © George Sfakianakis