Inside stoa Mpolanis, at Voulis street, the sir Barber shop is being reborn and transformed, aspiring to become a meeting point of city centre, enclosing the spirit and the aesthetics of old Athens, the 30’s and the Belle Époque.

“A new space is created, for people seeking a unique experience of personal care, taking a break from everyday life, in an environment of high aesthetics. The small size of the space [25 m2], its special needs and character, high functionality requirements, all form the basis on which our design approach stands.

The existing interior layout of the space is the base of the new design. The entrance is located at the short front side, along with a small reception and a wardrobe. The barber chairs with the large mirrors and the counter can be found next, across the large windows.  A small display of brand products and the waiting space are located next to the windows, to communicate with the outside. Lastly a coffee space and a small bathroom are located at the back side of the store.

Vital parts of our design approach are the materials and equipment that are used, with the selection process focusing on their functionality, endurance and aesthetics, in order to compliment and materialize our vision for the space. The traditional tools for the work, the existing chairs and the ceramic tiles of the floor are preserved, restored and reused. Everything else, including the space equipment, the vertical woodcarvings, the display are being designed and constructed in order to fit the specific needs of the space, along with its aesthetics and character.

Wood dominates the space emphasising its long dimensions and windows, is being accompanied with touches of metal, marble, leather and fabrics in a well-balanced result. The crown mouldings of the ceiling and the curtain along with the colours selected are subtle references of the time. The white and green compliment the large mirrors and windows, along with the natural light, creating an open, bright and pleasant space.

Outside street views, both compliment and give prominence to the interior communicating it to the bystanders. The existing wooden facade of the entrance and dark blue and terracotta colours, are incorporated into the new design both referring the spirit of the start of the century and the city barbershops, along with the store’s logo.”

Design team: Chatzigoula Evelyn, Karavida Christina

Images © Ellie Ntoutsi