The project is the transformation of a 1980’s apartment to an optimum living space for a family of four. A public family area and three private rooms had to be accommodated in 80m2.

The arrangement of the apartment was reshuffled. The scheme became a sequence of spaces interlocking to each other, a travelling through subspaces. Every subspace is a threshold to the adjacent areas. The use of color and different materials on all surfaces outline the distinct boundaries.

The public area comprises of the following places: the pink entrance hall, the white living room, the birch dining area and the blue kitchen. The latter serves as a transition to the private areas. The bedrooms are organized alongside the corridor and they enclose the black box, a structure that contains the bathroom and the closets.

The heart of the apartment is the dining area. Birch wood panels cover the walls, the floor and the ceiling. By lowering the height, the threshold condition is accentuated. The area functions as a fragment of intensity and pause. From that place of gathering and co-existence, the sequential condition of the apartment becomes an everyday experience for the family.

Architects: John Karahalios, Elisavet Plaini

Construction: Epikyklos Technical Construction

Images © Nikos Papageorgiou