Biribildu is a Greek fast-food restaurant whose design revolves around the theme of the wheel, in a similar way that ‘gyros’ – the Greek specialty and main product of its menu – is prepared. Inspired by the magical world of the circus, it becomes a spectacle itself, an imaginary Biribildu circus. At the entrance, two carousel horses welcome the visitor, while three huge, transport-like, wooden boxes are placed parallel to the facade, storing the kitchen, wc and the shed, away from the public eye. Between them, the cage of a tiger has been transformed into a cash desk.
Wrought iron lights above the service area attract the customers’ eyes to the kitchen’s menu, while two big tables of varying height invite them to enjoy their meal. Circus-tent miniature lights and wooden surfaces with posters, sketches and stamps, often covered in yellow and red, also add to the atmosphere of the space. The restrooms have been designed to resemble actors’ dressing rooms, while the color and texture of the floor bring to mind the sand used in circus tents. In the exterior, barrels in red and yellow are used as stands and the mix of the chairs, light signs, plants and the huge colorful tent complete the magical world of the Biribildu circus.

Images © studiovd