The showroom is located in the center of Argostoli, in Kefalonia island, on the ground level of a building that was renovated inside and out. It is a versatile, modern space, where visitors can select objects and equipment for their own event, or even have rehearsals in physical scale.

The open, integrated space is marked by simple, restrained lines, and accommodates a reception desk, a bar for simulating serving sequences, a large, double-faced exhibition screen, and a laboratory for preparing decorations, which is the only area that can be isolated behind sliding doors, whenever needed. Visual continuity and seamless transitions in-between different areas are the main features of the showroom design, while balanced choices of materials and lighting draw attention to selected points of interest.

The architect, Afroditi Lefkaditi, states that “the design aims for an architecture that remains practically invisible, giving center stage to the objects whose purpose is to add character to the events.” Provided that the staple in any celebration is flower decorations, the interior color and material palettes emulate the earth, creating a warm, discreet background. Walls, roofs, and floors are faced with cement in a light, natural hue; the bar counter and reception desk are made of white terrazzo, complemented with geometric back surfaces in rough-textured ceramics. Special attention is given to the exhibition screen, whose black color highlights the slender metal profiles of the shelves and their dynamic grid, while selected floor to ceiling strips are clad in wood. Black color is also to be found in several iron surfaces on the doors and furniture, adding intensity and a contemporary character in an otherwise quiet, discreet architecture.

The geometry and materiality of the showroom echoes a number of timeless, Greek themes, rendered in a modern way that builds upon their evocative power. This way, the result, though intentionally left abstract, keeping architecture in a support role, employs large surfaces and selected highlights to create a space with a strong character.

Images © Mirto Iatropoulou

Photo production: Mia Dorier