Rooms 301-307 in “Ekies All Senses Resort” in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki, is a group of minimal rooms, with intense use of white-colored surfaces, which makes them very bright and impressive, creating at the same time a cool and refreshing feeling for a summer resort.

During the initial design of the rooms in 2008, Sparch Architects created a spatial concept, with three types of rooms following a varying theme. The proposal approaches the unit as a monochromatic, bright cell, a ‘capsule’ of hospitality that is directed towards light and nature. In a way, the architectural concept follows a desire to establish a strong microcosm, defined by a familiar introversion and multiple degrees of transparency. The housing, walls, floor and ceiling are white or whitish, with the implementation of simple geometries. In addition, translucent structures such as oversized drops, embrace the bathroom or the bed, uniting, subdividing or enlarging the space. The intention is to propose a different way to experience a space freely, without restrictions. There is a mix of materials used, such as metal, industrial flooring, natural wood, marine plywood, corian and reglit.

As part of additional works that took place in 2015, 157+173 designers provided furniture that stands out from the white environment, creating a pleasant feel for costumers, using very warm materials, such as copper, wood and leather. Their design is minimal, using leather as a reference to Greek tradition, while wooden parts are painted following a more contemporary fade-to-white technique. The objects designed are easy to use for hotel guests (who usually don’t want to bother a lot) as most of them have an “open feel”. Overall, 157+173 designed a large and a narrow hanged wardrobe, a hanger installation, sofas for the room and for the rooms’ yard, short tables and stools.

Interior design: Sparch architects
Furniture design: 157+173 designers
Photos by Christos Theologos