“Respecting the character of the host property identified as a Building of Townscape Merit (BMT) within a conservation area, we proposed a transparent addition which changes the dynamic and use of the upper and lower ground floors while seamlessly connecting old and new.

The brief for kaap studio architects was to connect an underused, dark basement with the upper ground level and create an impressive and light filled space for the family to enjoy and entertain.

In order to offset the underground atmosphere and low ceiling levels, a section of the upper level was removed in two places. Firstly, in the heart of the property, to give access to a new lightweight staircase and secondly at the rear to create generous double height kitchen and dining area.

Introducing a fully glazed side extension reaching across two floors offers the property a new sense of connectivity whilst respecting its special character and maximising natural light. The mezzanine level now accommodates a study separated only with a light glass balustrade from the living areas below which is opening up to a raised terrace overlooking the garden.

The double height glass addition has created connected, light drenched and playful spaces that resolve and enhance the family’s specific requirements and lifestyle. A monolithic oversized glass pivot door was introduced between the dining space and new patio to allow full width access to the outside space and unobstructed views to the garden.

The proposed extension completely reconfigured the semi-detached Victorian property bringing the new in perfect harmony and balance with the old and creating a spacious and light filled contemporary home for the family.

Oversized panels of glass in pure geometrical alignment provide a transparent addition to the property allowing views to the original rear facade whilst bringing light in the heart of the living space. The bespoke joinery designed by the architects in close collaboration with the client offers a balanced and uniform result.

A simple material palette of oak, glass and metal creates a minimalist yet warm aesthetic throughout the house. The project is beautiful in its simplicity of geometrical forms and balance of traditional and new, a harmony of solid and lightweight. It is innovative in its interpretation of a modern glass addition to a Victorian property and beneficial in the way it transformed the way the family occupies and inhabits the space.”

Images © Malcolm Menzies