Domitech in collaboration with interior designer Maria Koutsouridou completed the reconstruction and renovation of a 1950s residence in Gavrio, Andros, creating an architectural dialogue between the existing building and its new contemporary and functional character.

The external staircase of the house became circular to follow the curve of the upper roof, while the references to the plasticity of the island’s volumes and the natural use of the local stone are indicative.

The house is a two-storey building. On the ground floor, which communicates with the courtyard, an extension was made and a circular bathroom was created with a built-in shower and a bench, all lined with cement mortar.

Harmoniously connecting the past with the present, the slate slabs were tied with modern materials.

The interior of the ground floor, although low-ceilinged, highlights the purity of the materials. On the first floor, the old roof was dismantled and a new one was built, while the earthen mezzanine floor was replaced with a concrete slab. Extra emphasis was given on the lighting and luxury in furniture and fabrics.

Images © John Kouskoutis

Engineering: Gregory Zoumis

Interior design: Maria Koutsouridou