Tucked away on a quiet road in Weybridge, Surrey, this home has a unique and balanced relationship with the lavish countryside that surrounds it. The color palette is refined with sophisticated natural hues, inspired by the initial view one gets as he walks in the garden. The designers didn’t want the interior of the house to compete with the lushness of its surroundings, so they toned it way down, using complementary colors to differentiate the external from the internal. This allowed the views to be more prominent and brought on the concept of balance. Each dark, hard or shiny material was offset by a light-colored one of different texture. As an example, the dark wooden floor consisting of materials such as smooth velvets, furry cushions, hand knitted wool throws and natural leathers was balanced out through the use of beaten metal, high gloss lacquer, ceramic and glass.

Maria Constantinou and Eris Koutsoudakis are the two London-based interior designers behind MERAKI DESIGN studio. As the name of the practice implies (‘meraki’ in Greek stands for passion and dedication to a job well done), they choose to pour their heart and soul into every project they undertake, a trait passed down through their Greek heritage.