Ypsilon is located on 5, Edessis Street. The building where it resides was built in 1868 and is one of the last few examples of architecture in the city center before the Big Fire of 1917.

In such a characteristic and distinct space, which in 150 years of life has lived through many commercial uses, Ypsilon aims to realize its vision for a new field of entertainment and culture, where the history of the region, music, food and fine drinking remain integral parts.

Ypsilon’s visitors have the opportunity to experience an exhibition or a performance. Other times they can also participate in a comics’ workshop or a robotics seminar. Likewise, they can teach something. There will often be an event to attend, like an interesting concert or an album presentation. It is also very likely to receive an invitation for a party. If someone needs to work on their laptop in peace and quiet, while drinking coffee or eating lightly they can surely find a spot to do so and if they feel relaxed enough, they can just ask for a strong cocktail or a frozen beer. When the weather so permits, the best choice for reflection or mingling is the pedestrian walkway that frames the building. Once lunch break has come to an end, the visitor has the option of holding a conference call or organizing a business meeting in one of the two available meeting rooms.

Soon Ypsilon’s visitors will also be able to shop in the small concept store featuring objects designed, produced and packaged by the Ypsilon team. If they want to learn something new, a peek at the first floor work space venture -where different offices, people and creators collaborate or coexist under the same roof- is essential.

Images @ Beetroot design & Bill Georgousis