A complex of five holiday homes on the island of Naxos has been designed and built, as a result of a competition.

The idea of the design proposal is based on the sloping ground of the plot; thus, the composition has been developed around the section of the basic housing unit. The building units were placed with ensuring their best integration into the sloping ground and the highest possible privacy. The unit of each dwelling consists of two basic volumes, which are joined by a central core. This core hosts the heart of the house: the kitchen, which serves as an intermediate space. This space connects the private areas of the house with the pool and the southern yard. The concept design, based on the section, treats the pool, the indoor and outdoor spaces as connected volumes in permanent conversation.

Design Team: Fanis Roussos, Michael Sminas, Stefania Ntinou

Construction: Veronis & Jakobsen – Development & Construction

Images © Plinthos Architects