“Pantheon’s identity hides in its details that are discretely integrated in the overall design. The interventions on the exterior of the building aim at integrating the existing building seamlessly into its surroundings, making it seem as if it emerges from the rock itself. The synthesis of the exterior area focused on minimising the volume of the villa.

The alterations made to the outdoor areas of the villa as well as the whole spatial layout promote and enhance fluidity among functions. The central square naturally becomes the extension of the interior spaces via sharing the same terrazzo floor without any interruptions.  As a result, it becomes the core of the residence and the central focal point, literally and figuratively, where all actions take place in a unified and continual level with great view.

Geometry – wise, inspiration was drawn from local traditional architecture. All volumes were redesigned in a slightly conical shape, more stable on the bottom and lighter at the top. Arches and chimneys have been removed and replaced by clear straight lines while all edges are rounded, avoiding skirting, offering a smooth aftertouch. These changes create an elegant result which interprets traditional elements in a contemporary way.

The goal in this project, apart from the renovation per se, was to overcome and solve all the engineer related obstacles in an elegant yet sufficient way. A fresh approach towards high-end design was elaborated. The project consists of a number of exclusively manufactured elements and prototypes that define its identity and form a distinctive style. For example, the steel columns that support the membrane shades at the basement and ground floor areas are covered in teak wood, forming a new dynamic shape that follows the geometry of the villa’s volumes. The columns integrate light fixtures and the inox tensile ropes are covered with hand-stitched leather details.

Light plays a constitutive role among the architectural design. Sunlight is used thoughtfully when needed, providing light in dark areas through solar tubes whereas artificial light is designed carefully in order to create optical comfort and avoid glare.

For us, Pantheon Estate is the harmonic combination of function, innovation, quality and charm that stimulates all senses.”

Design Team: Nikos Adrianopoulos, Charis Sgouridou, Irene Katarelou, Ilektra Pouraki

Exclusive Property Management: IWISH MYKONOS

Images © Fotis Serfas