Hidden among the narrow cosmopolitan alleys of Mykonos ‘Chora’, in St. Spyridon area, a dilapidated summer house, originally built in 1987, has been fully renovated into a high end tourist accommodation. The two-storey Cycladic house, of which only the external walls and internal staircase were kept in the final design, was transformed into two autonomous studios of 40 m2 each, able to accommodate 4 guests in the ground floor and 3 guests in the first floor studio.

During the design planning, special attention was paid to sustain the simple timeless elegance of the main Cycladic architectural elements, while the aim was to unify the space, given the relatively small surface. Thus, avoiding setting confines between the living room and the bedroom, arches were used to discern these two zones. The creation of a single space allowed the glorious Cycladic daylight to flow unimpededly in the main living areas, resonating around the white surfaces of the walls, enhancing the purity and the elegance of the interior.