A breathtaking site overlooking the golf of Kissamos in northwest Crete was the starting point for a complex effort by A&G Varoudakis Architects to design two vacation homes so that the users can experience what is called Mediterranean sensation.

The attempt to blend the meanings of ‘fortification’ and ‘suspension’ led to the design of three parallel masonry walls with large vertical openings and overhanging platforms. The narrow passage formed between the southeast walls serves as a traditional cobblestone pedestrian approach axis so that the human scale can be defined within the vast landscape. The central placement of the two carports with the heavy concrete beams and their shaded tops serves as the architectural link between the almost identical two house volumes.

The massive presence of the earthy colored masonry counterpoints with the detailed custom crafted wood – metal – glass partitions and fittings designed by the architects so the balanced flow of space can be experienced between the interior and the exterior.

Architects: Aristomenis Varoudakis – Giorgos Varoudakis

Structural Engineer: Sophia Konstantoudaki

Photos: Dimitris Kalapodas