Trout created the promotional video for Innovathens – Hub of innovation and entrepreneurship Technopolis city of Athens, to celebrate its very successful first year of operations. The designers seeked a scientific approach and a clear design style. The whole concept works as a metaphor. In a laboratory, compounds come in, while new mixtures and amalgams come out. Innovathens works in a similar way: entrepreneurs, academics and researchers come in, events, schemes, actions and ideas come out.

Consequently, Trout drew inspiration from organic compounds and the equipment of chemistry laboratories to depict the community’s structure and vision. In addition, mechanical elements (pipes, cogs etc.) from the old gas factory inside Technopolis (where the Innovathens building is located) were used in the designed forms. In a way, it was portraying Innovathens’ essence being distilled.

The environment chosen was abstract, with a subtle pattern of x-marks as a simple scientific grid. The action takes place in two main spaces: The first is a laboratory full of intricate machines and colored solutions. The other is a vision of a microscopic universe where molecular bonds are formed. The former is where all the mechanisms and interconnections of Innovathens’ community take place; the latter is where all the blending happens, as people come together in working groups and exchange practices. The color palette contrasts a clinical pastel-green with vivid and dynamic tones, symbols of the vibrant work that takes place inside the hub.