STUDIOLAV is a young and passionate, multidisciplinary, design studio founded by Central Saint Martins graduates Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi. Through their work they look into different ways of reinterpreting ideas and typologies. With playful and ironic spirit they express their investigating tendencies and curiosities regarding perceptions of form and materiality. They highly value the importance of the emotional connection between people and objects and they often use narratives to expose it.

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‘NOMADS’ collection by STUDIOLAV

Studiolav’s new collection “Nomads” is inspired by a new perspective of the modern nomadic spirit. People always have a fascination with discovering new worlds, exploring the unseen, or moving for…

Ombro tables and press kit

Kanella designed a press kit/marketing brochure to support the communication strategy for Ombro, a collection of tables designed by Studiolav that use a visual game created by two perpendicular, perforated…

Designer Baking by STUDIOLAV

The iconic fabric patterns Pied de Poule and Tweed Herringbone take center stage in these kitchen stamps, transforming bread, cookies and pies into small “haute couture” baking marvels.


K1 is a wood chair with a woven seat, part of STUDIOLAV’s ongoing project ‘Kafeneon’, which attempts to re-invent iconic yet banal designs of the Greek culture.

Atlas Shopper by STUDIOLAV

With this tin and leather tote bag, STUDIOLAV turned the traditional blue and white tin food container (tenekes) into a witty fashion accessory for a daily wander in the city.