K1 is a wood chair with a woven seat, part of STUDIOLAV’s ongoing project ‘Kafeneon’, which attempts to re-invent iconic yet banal designs of the Greek culture. Based on the inherited sense of familiarity, nostalgia and irony of the objects, the project questions the significance of traditional design typologies and the emotional connection between them and the user. The K1 chair challenges material perception by using a soft material like merino wool to create a solid structure as the base to sit on. Rigidity is achieved by employing a traditional weaving technique, typically used in wicker seats. The use of narrative is central to STUDIOLAV’s work, which often focuses on the emotional connection between people and objects. They draw inspiration from cultural heritage, tradition and everyday encounters. The studio was nominated in 2013 for the prestigious award of EDIDA (Elle Decoration International) under the category of Young Talent Designer of the Year.