Kanella designed a press kit/marketing brochure to support the communication strategy for Ombro, a collection of tables designed by Studiolav that use a visual game created by two perpendicular, perforated metal surfaces that create an illusion of movement. Their bottom grill can be also used as storage offering full or partial cover of the objects stored underneath. The simple and stylish folded press kit consists of a paper belly band, a two-sided postcard and an A4 sheet with all the information printed on one side. The green belly band holds everything in place. The postcard rests in the glueless exterior pocket created by diagonally folding the exterior panel of the broad side fold of the A4 sheet. Along with the press kit, a small die-cut piece of plexiglass was handed out. The recipients would play with the light and shadows imitating the optical illusions created by the two metal surfaces of the Ombro tables.

Images 1-3 © Predrag Pajdic

Images 4-7 © Math Studio