Antigone Ceramics is an Athenian artisan studio founded by Interior Architect Antigone Economidou in 2019. It specialises in bespoke ceramic dinnerware collaborating with chefs and restaurants.

“My mission is the design and implementation of dinnerware experience inspired by each dish of the menu and in harmony with the chef’s aesthetics. I do like perfectly shaped forms but I also find an exquisite beauty in imperfection. Cracks and dents in plates give a certain character and help Chefs in turn give life to their creations.

Having great admiration for gastronomy, creating my own plates and working with chefs and restaurant owners is inspiring and joyful. Each different plate we make is a handcrafted unique creation to either contrast the food – it’s colours, texture and presentation, or to visually implement it’s beauty.

Using clay and earthen elements, I aspire to create pieces that are sculpturally beautiful, effortlessly functional and of heirloom quality. Apart of restaurant collaborations, I also enjoy to design and sculpt items for individual clients, such as utensil sets, art gift pieces, large vases and cigar strays.

All products are fired between 1250°C and 1300°C degrees to get the maximum strength. They are all food safe and dishwasher proof and made using durable, food-safe stoneware and lead-free, non-toxic glazes.”

Recent collaborations include: The Clumsies, CTC Restaurant, Aleria Restaurant, Alali Restaurant, Hams&Clams, Erthe, Tagathon.