As a lifestyle brand, Ancient Kallos expands its activity, with the creation of its first Art de la Table collection, expressing its love for interior design and handmade creations.
This collection gives a modern version of the Greek tradition, highlighting the Greek ceramic art in a unique way. The collection is the result of a collaboration with one of the most experienced Greek ceramists who lives and creates on the island of Skyros.

The first handmade ceramic, hand-painted tableware with the signature of Ancient Kallos came true.

The ceramic dishes of the “Blossom” collection are painted and glazed in hand, one by one on the island of Skyros, from where the most Greek ceramists have started and specifically from Giannis Ftoulis who learned the art from his father, Stamatis Ftoulis. The original Skyros embroidery called “Garifallo” was masterfully imprinted by the local artist and is one of the ten designs of the traditional embroidery with a special stitch, called “Grafta”.

The tableware with the painted ceramic utensils is framed by a new series of embroidered linen creations. High quality linen tablecloths and napkins, embroidered with traditional patterns depicting Anemones but also with applique finishes will add an unpretentious luxury to the table. Inspired by the rich Greek heritage and made by experienced craftsmen, ‘’Blossom’’ Collection perfectly complement the spring table that seems to have come out of a fairy tale.

A unique setting was set under the blooming peach trees in the plain of Imathia, which every such season seems to have been covered with a vast pink sheet.

The peach blossoms, which symbolize spring, rebirth and consequently fertility, and have been a source of inspiration for great painters, ignited the atmosphere with their colors and fragrances and became the ideal background. In the “Gardens of Midas” according to Herodotus, the new handmade Tableware Collection emerged perfectly, framed, by the colors of nature and the unique creations of florist Tania Hatzigonjiou and completed a flowering festival, supported by the local tourist group of Veroia.

Images © Aris Rammos Studio