The most visible item of the uniform worn by those who fought the Greek War of Independence, the famous white pleated kilt-like garment, becomes a celebratory souvenir for this year’s 200th anniversary. A truly rebellious porcelain, reminding us a Greek story of struggles, dreams, vigor, collectivity, hope and joy.

Happy anniversary!

Yannis Sergakis is a Greek jeweller, who works with gold and diamonds. He uses traditional jewellery techniques to introduce contemporary designs to be worn everyday. This is the first time Yannis chooses to work with porcelain, to create a commemorative object.

Concept: Yannis Sergakis & Ellie Sofianopoulou

Sculpted by Giorgos Katsigiannis

Curation: Giorgos Katsigiannis & Ellie Sofianopoulou