Cyclus is a useful and attractive watch that functions as a personal assistant, helping the user track his fitness and read his smartphone notifications. Rolled around one’s wrist, it’s an object designed following a simple formula: a primitive shape accompanied by an innovative and elegant user interface. A small second screen placed strategically on the rear side of the Cyclus Watch allows the user to check his notifications discretely. Instead of reading emails and making phone calls, the Cyclus Watch is about the small things that help in everyday activities. As the designers state themeselves, “We perceive technology as means to an end, not an end on its own. From that perspective, whilst most design creates elaborate, complex devices, we aim for a discrete yet elegant helper for your everyday needs.”

Idea, direction & UI: Odysseas Gp

Product design: Thanos Pappas

Animation: Mihalis Ioannidis

3D Photography: George Telis