These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things is a creative duo by an architect (Panayiota Theofilatou) and a graphic designer (Tassos Papaioannou), that loves designing crafts (from toys to zines). Panayiota & Tassos are a couple too, and in 2015 they decided to get married. They thought that the wedding among an architect and a graphic designer should have a similar look-and-feel invitation. Concrete and typography (components from their professions) were combined together to give that result. Also, because they wanted an intimate wedding with only their closest friends, they used the name of their creative team by changing it a little bit from “These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things” to “These Are A Few Of Our Favorite People”. The invitation/coaster that they designed is something that represents them perfectly! On the back of the white concrete invitations pieces of cork were glued on and the names of all the guests at the wedding were silkscreen-printed there, something that touched them especially when they received the invitation in their hands! The invitation also worked as a gift/souvenir for the guests.

In 2016 the project was awarded a merit in the “Invitation/flyer/greeting card” category of the EBGE awards.

© A Future Perfect
© A Future Perfect
© These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Design & concept: These Are A Few Of Our Favourite Things
Concrete tiles manufacturers: A Future Perfect
Silkscreen printing: Tind
Photography: SoVisual Photography