Fishbone is a carpet made of wool & wood by 157+173 designers. It is the first prototype of the project called Wool(d)en carpets, which are designed with the use of wool and wood and inspired by familiar floor patterns.

Fishbone stands in-between a woollen carpet and a wooden floor and its design is based on the parquet floor pattern. It is a 100% natural product, and all resources used are sustainable and not mixed with any other substances during manufacturing. Woollen parts are manufactured by natural wool collected from sheep, without harming the animals. Also, wooden parts are manufactured by natural maple wood, collected on selected authorized areas, without harming the forest. All parts are put together in the designers’ workshop. Magnets are installed into the lower layer of wool and covered with cotton ribbons. Magnets are put underneath each piece of wood as well, so wooden pieces can be removable but not allowed to lift up, when stepping on them. Finally, the two layers of wool are glued together with natural latex glue, and wooden pieces are set into place.