Alexandra Bissa is a textile designer working on a loom. Her work mainly aims at the revival and preservation of the precious tradition of weaving and places it with a modern form into the current world. 

The subtle logo uses minimal typography so as to implicitly express the uniqueness and clarity of her handmade textile creations. By removing some parts of the minimal typography, the letters can trick the eye for a pixel-like design, alike the essence of the themes Alexandra uses on her textile creations.

“Based on the same concept of the logo, we created a dynamic symbol that is adaptable to depict the diversity of Alexandra’s work as custom, limited and batch production editions.”

The narrative of the symbol starts with depicting the creator, Alexandra, as a big circle on the left, flowing onto her loom depicted as horizontal lines, rolling to her textile and eventually reaching the customers, the small circles on the right. Few horizontal lines illustrate limited edition creations whereas more lines batch production items.

All purchases are accompanied with a certificate of authenticity, preserving the value of pure, handmade creations.