Taking inspiration from Mother Earth, the principle of inexhaustible vitality, Ertha carefully sources top quality and highly nutritive natural ingredients to create exquisite botanical infusions that aim to offer you this oh-so-essential connection to nature and sync you to its marvellous rhythm.

“We studied the name then the visual identity, before designing in detail the packaging and several communication needs. The main key visual shows a woman – called Ertha –  looking to the future with confidence, wearing a scarf with the category’s (CBD Infusions) characteristics forming a monochromatic pattern. Our approach in order to meet the challenge was to give the brand an elegant, bright and expressive orientation in order to avoid the extreme use of cannabis stereotypes.

As the name implies, Ertha only uses environmental friendly materials such as non coated eco paper and biodegradable tea bags. No varnish used at any surface.

Ertha is a citizen of the world. She spreads kindness, by sharing our planet’s pure herbal treasures.”

Creative Direction & Design: Alexandros Gavrilakis

Illustration: Panos Nikolakakis

Copy: Olympia Aivazi

Images © Giorgos Vitsaropoulos