The Inspiration for creating the brand identity for the Eteo Premium Olive Oil came from one of the most genuine eras of antiquity. Homer, “The greatest poet of them all” ushered-in the word “eteos” (Greek ἐτεός) to describe the native, true, genuine inhabitants of the island of Crete, the Genuine Cretans: The Eteocretans. The name Eteo is a way to show the origins of the Olives, grown in the region of Eastern Crete where the Eteocretans lived 2,500 years ago and collected Olives to produce the precious Olive Oil.

The client brief was to create a Unique artisanal packaging, made of ceramic, for an Extra Premium Product, that will stand out on the shelf and reflect the high value of its content. Considering the brand’s tagline, “Drops Of Blessing”, the design of the bottle resembles the organic shape of a drop. The use of two genuine elements — porcelain and olive tree wood — borrowed from Mother Earth and brought into harmony with one another, create the ‘perfect drop’ shape of the bottle.

The graphics in warm Oil like color on the bottle and the paper packaging are discreet and highlight the organic form of the bottle. The packaging materials are chosen for their practical and symbolic characteristics.Ceramic offers the best protection from direct light, air and everything that harms Olive Oil quality and has been used since ancient times to store Olive oil the proper way. The cap is made of Olive tree wood, an underutilized, but so interesting material, with complex grain structures of colors ranging from cream through pink to black. The combination of those two materials makes a playful contradiction between the shiny white ceramic bottle and the wooden cap, resembling the eternal blend of the earth and trees that provide the valuable olives.

Product Design, Art direction: Aristotelis Barakos
Graphic Design: Vagelis Katanias

Photography: Giorgos Vitsaropoulos