In Greece, loukoumi is a treasured tradition; an exceptional gourmet delight, stimulating for the appetite, not too sweet for the palate, always chewy, comforting and fun.

As we had to highlight a Traditional Greek delight, we started with the naming process which led us to the choice of name Evareston (an old greek word) meaning gratifying, pleasant, welcome. The concept of packaging design was inspired by the geometry & architecture of the unique Greek landscape with its natural light, the essences & its flavours. Based on this idea a series of original illustrations were designed. Colors used in each packaging denote the product flavor. Same motive but in slightly different shapes was used to all product range creating a unique packaging identity. These unique traditional delicacies are mainly distributed in the Greek touristic market, Hellenic duty free shops and international market as well.

Images © Stef Tsakiris