Hellofrom is the first lifestyle souvenir brand in the world. Taking Greece as its starting point, it aims to change the way we see souvenirs forever.

Hellofrom was founded in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece, with the ambition to create souvenirs that use thoughtful design and sustainable manufacturing, to satisfy the needs of modern living. Today, this goal remains hellofrom’s mission: through its commitment to the design and production of memorable objects with an international appeal the brand aspires to make well-considered design accessible to the largest possible audience.

Every product or service is thoroughly considered with regards to design, value, and purpose, aiming to raise awareness and inspire change in people’s attitudes towards a more sustainable future. Collaboration lies at the core of this brand and finds expression in unique and creative ways. Inspired by the dynamics of synergies, hellofrom combines the values and talents of local designers with international brands and engages them in designing city-inspired memorable objects that provide added value to the modern traveller of the world.

Hellofrom aspires to create iconic collaborations with some of the world’s leading designers and like-minded brands. It communicates its core values and philosophy through the design of multi-sensorial and purposeful retail spaces that deliver engaging and unique experiences. Taking a holistic approach, hellofrom engages with design stores –permanent or pop-ups that celebrate the inspiration coming from each place and uses the locally relevant design vocabulary in a respectful manner. The brand’s flagship store opened in Thessaloniki, making “hellofrom Thessaloniki” the first lifestyle souvenir store in the world.

Hellofrom’s continued vision is to revolutionise souvenirs worldwide, creating city-inspired projects in a holistic and traveller-oriented approach in the world’s most visited metropolises.