Herman Miller presents The Double Dream of Spring, an environmental installation by London-based designer Michael Anastassiades. To debut his inaugural collection of occasional furnishings created exclusively for Herman Miller, the designer has conceived an enigmatic environment inspired by the tradition of metaphysical surrealism and steeped in his own minimalist aesthetic.

For The Double Dream of Spring, Anastassiades recast the architecture of the Herman Miller showroom in Milan as a neutral, rational backdrop in which to display furniture. In the space, his elegant and spare Spot stools and Stasis tables for Herman Miller are shown in walnut and white oak paired with a carefully considered shade of brass, complemented by monumental lighting sculptures created by Michael Anastassiades—the designer’s eponymous brand—especially for this installation.

The relationship between Herman Miller and Anastassiades was sparked by a shared passion for design’s timeless qualities. Questioned on his approach, the designer describes how he considers the physical presence of an object, understanding how its proportions relate to the human body, and how its existence affects the user and the surroundings. “I always like trying to understand how things relate to people. Does it feel inviting? Does it feel threatening? These kinds of questions. And then move on to how the different elements of that product relate to each other.”

Materials play a key role in the designer’s work, and are integral to the design process itself. Anastassiades favors materials that are presented honestly, with exquisite details and flawless connections—a hallmark of his work. He states, “When an object is made out of only a handful of elements, you have to make each one absolutely perfect.” In choosing to work with Herman Miller, he found a partner that could execute his vision at this level.