Herō Ceramics is a project focused on the creation of functional objects made from clay.

“While studying architecture, the art of ceramics came into my life and mesmerised me. Clay is the material that gave me the chance to experiment and express my ideas through objects used in everyday life. The intimate interaction that functional objects have with their users was something intriguing for me. Giving shape to the fundamentals of everyday life, the espresso cup, the mug, the bowl, the dish, these handmade objects are meant to be used and loved.

My background in Architecture plays a major role in the design process. The utility need of a correctly designed functional object, blends with aesthetics inspired from different cultures and places, making their rather plain utility purpose, a colourful and unique experience.

My process of creating an object starts from its design, using both the wheel, as well as handmade techniques, such as pinch potting and slabs. Training on the wheel provides the ability to make cleaner and symmetrical forms, while handmade objects cannot resist the unique identity of the makers hand. When it comes to finish off a piece, I like to experiment with primitive and geometrical forms, adding decorative techniques such as the implementation of color and carving. Layers of bold brush strokes cover mostly objects made from white clay, while carving out patterns is a technique i like to use mostly on terra cotta clay bodies. Finally, i also like to glaze my pieces, mostly with glossy white and yellow glazes fired in low and medium temperatures.

Each day with clay for me, feels like a constant back and forth learning of the material’s abilities, boundaries and endless possibilities.” – Iro Leventi