KIMISOO’s aspiration is to redefine the notion of sleep. The company aims to cater to your most demanding needs and create the ideal sleep environment. A space where one can find serenity and calmness while immersed in intimate luxury.

Adequate sleep quality is a prerequisite for everyone’s physical and mental health. Good sleep quality ensures high levels of energy, a clear mind, a good mood and better health. These guiding elements allow the company to choose its materials which promote a sense of well-being, warmth and comfort. Cotton sheets, Silk pillowcases, Linen and Alpaca blankets, all create the ideal sleep environment.

KIMISOO is a Greek company, founded in Athens in 2018. The name means go to sleep in Greek, something that the founder was in much need for, while spending sleepless nights with his newborn son.

The company balances between excellent quality and eclectic aesthetics, while striving to be sustainable and ethically responsible. Their bedding and towels highlight the care and attention to detail they invest in their work. The collection, namely: agape, euphoria, kalos, synthesis, dialogue, bios, all words with deep Greek roots define the company’s ethos.

KIMISOO strongly believes that environmental consciousness is vital for our future and paramount to the health and safety of our planet. Sustainability is the way to move forward that is why they develop conscious and responsible products. Their packaging is 100% recyclable. It is composed of recycled and responsibly sourced materials that can be reused and ultimately redefined.

The company envisions its future alongside young Greek artists, local producers, architects, designers. Their goal is to become a worldwide lifestyle brand that supports and promotes creativity, excellent quality and ecological awareness.

Images © Vassilis Stamatopoulos, Irini Provida
Product Styling – Maro Zannia