Kolifi [noun, Greek Κολίφι] is the clay basin which was filled with water so potters could wet their hands when working on the potter’s wheel.

The aesthetics of handmade and unique pieces along with creativity through the craft are the basic features of Kolifi pottery. The creation of everyday objects as practical art pieces but also as decorative pieces. Objects providing creative expression is the main field of expertise. The pottery wheel is the basic mechanism for creating objects in combination with a range of mixed painting techniques for decoration.

The goal of kolifi is to create unique objects of contemporary aesthetic by combining traditional and primitive practices with a modern artistic look.

All products are handmade. Every product is unique.

Anna Vichou is the creator of the Kolifi project; born in 1989 in Athens, she studied Interior Design at Vakalo Art and Design College (ΒΑ & ΜΑ), with a direction in Scenography – Costume Design, whilst also working as an assistant Teacher in the scenography class at Vakalo College (2013-2021). She also practices and teaches Ashtanga Yoga. Her involvement with ceramics started as a hobby in 2017 alongside Nikos Gagiatsos at his workshop, while also taking some classes with Christina Morali.

She currently collaborates with the ceramicist Lefteris Menegis, from whom she has also gained invaluable training on her skills. In recent years, ceramics has been her main professional activity and since 2018 she has her own workshop in Athens and sells her products via social media and through small island shops.

Images © Billy Goutis