KUKUNARI is the greek word for pine cone. Wooden lamps inspired by the pine cone’s structure where the leaves form a number of spirals that belong to fibonacci sequence. Why lamps? Because pinecone represents the human enlightment, the pineal gland, called the third eye, linked to body’s perception of light.

KUKUNARI’s design is parametric, based on a code that allows many design outcomes. It is a combination of computational design and digital fabrication along with handcraft finishing techniques. The first KUKUNARI collection consists of 3 pendant lights in different sizes, made of laser cut plywood parts, combined with fabric coated wire and assempled by the designer. Suitable for interior and exterior use, provides a warm and cozy light effect, creating pale geometrical shadows. Each KUKUNARI is unique, fabricated with care and comes with an engraved serial number. It’s journey all over the world has already started.