Ladolea is a Greek company launched by two young professionals, Panos and Thanos Kloutsiniotis. Passionate about the premium olive oil produced in the ancient region of Corinthia, they were inspired by a single vision: to create truly authentic Greek products.

It produces three single varietal superior quality organic & extra virgin olive oils and a sweet vinegar with bergamot, in unique reusable handmade ceramic pots.

The multi-award winning Ladolea olive oils are 100% single varietal and each oil is produced from a different variety of olives grown exclusively in the northern region of the Peloponnesian peninsula. There is a categorization in the extra virgin olive oils according to their fruitiness:

Intense Fruity – Megaritiki Variety

Medium Fruity – Koroneiki Variety

Delicate – Patrinia Variety

The design of the bottle is inspired by an ancient Corinthian pot of 700 B.C., called “Aryballos”. This pot was well known for its use by the athletes for smearing their bodies with olive oil before the Olympic games. By redesigning this exquisite pot the team behind aspires to combine ancient and modern in the perfect dispenser meeting the highest market standards and being certified by the General Chemical State Laboratory.

The original design is the work of an experienced ceramist produced exclusively for Ladolea and each unique pot is hand produced by traditional Greek potters.

Ladolea products won several global awards in olive oil competitions in New York (NYIOOC), Los Angeles (LAIOOC), London (Great taste Award & LIOOC), Italy (IOOC), Israel (TerraOlivo) and Athens (AIOOC) and international awards in packaging design competitions in Berlin (Red Dot Award), Tokyo (Pentaward) and in Los Angeles (LAIOOC) for innovative design.

Ladolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been analyzed by the faculty of Pharmacy in the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and is certified that is the most antioxidant olive oil of this variety produced in Greece and one of the most antioxidant olive oils worldwide.