Lefteris Tsampikakis designed the Magnetosphere Desk Lamp inspired by our planet and two of the fundamental forces of the universe, electromagnetism and gravity. Everything is attached and can freely move on the surface of the earth because of gravity. This desk lamp embodies the same concept but in this case using magnetism. The aim was to design a lamp which is functional, ergonomic, easy to use, extremely simple and also playful. Its base is a metallic hollow sphere and the arm consists of a wooden sphere, a pipe and a wooden disk which encloses the light source. At the bottom of the wooden sphere there are powerful neodymium magnets so the arm can freely move and rotate on the entire surface of the metallic sphere.

The wooden sphere works as an ergonomic handle which the user can grab and thus manipulate the lamp in whatever way he wants. Looking at the desk lamp, it evokes various thoughts to the observers. Its form could give the impression of a magnifier, a radar, a cannon or a scooter mirror, depending of the configuration of the lamp, the viewing angle and the observer. The metallic hollow sphere has a diameter of 14cm and is filled with sand. The diameter of the wooden sphere and the wooden disk are 7cm and 9cm respectively and are made from oak wood. Inside the disk is a led board 5.6 watt, which is protected by a plexiglass cover. The pipe is from stainless steel and has an outer diameter of 8mm and a length of 33cm.

Photo credits: Markos Efstathiou, Kostas Farmakidis

Prototype credits: Paraskevas Tsampikakis, Lefteris Tsampikakis