Home furnishings, handmade in Greece, to brighten your home. Poppies in July is a brand with handcrafted home décor, founded by 3 well-travelled women.

“Modern & traditional; colourful clashes; beautiful and unique aesthetic; a global melting pot of cultures and inspiration from around the world but with the radiant light of Greece. This value resonates not only in the products themselves, but also in the people who work with Poppies in July. Diverse women are at the core of this brand.

Poppy, with a flair for rare findings, has worked as an interior designer for over 20 years. Poppy is known for giving new life to vintage treasures, and believes that nothing goes to waste; in fact, almost everything that we love in our home, old or new, can find its place! Poppy’s passion for curating unusual and unique artefacts and turning them into something refreshing and new ensures the range stays eclectic and contemporary.

Julie is a combination of a scientist and marketer. Julie worked in the corporate world in strategic and marketing roles for many years, whereby she travelled to far flung corners of the world. There she would head to the local markets to search for hidden treasures for her home and those of friends. Julie believes that using a diversity of colours is what makes a home unique and personal.

Christianna, Poppy’s sister, has joined the team with a similar background to add to the team. She has worked for many years in the world of interiors and in event organisation around the world. With an eye for detail and style, Christianna is a keen photographer and loves to capture inspiration from around the globe, having lived in Italy, China, Belgium and Greece.

The three founders of Poppies in July, have a common passion for playful and eclectic interior design. Their shared love of unique handicrafts and expressive design, brought them together to create the brand, Poppies in July.

Poppies are the bright red highlight in a field of grass, in the summery month of July; a metaphor for how we envisioned our furnishings can add a touch of happiness, and at the same time evoke delight and wonder.

Our selection of home décor is designed and handcrafted in Greece. Poppies in July is made possible through a collaboration with our artists and designers; we empower these talented women to continue their art form and handicraft into the future.

We care about each cultural inspiration, colour, thread and stitch. The result is a range of products to be treasured not only for their power to transform a room but for the intricate craft, time dedicated and personal story.

While Poppies in July brings inspiration from all our travels, it is our birthplace that gives us the memories, the patterns, the colours, the love for brightness, the desire to rediscover our tradition. We are grateful for our home and with every one of our designs, we celebrate that certain elements of Greece are always with you, wherever you live in this world. We believe your space should share your story and values.

I am always working through archives, thinking about what is tradition and how we could fly away from tradition towards something new. — Kean Etro

These words summarise our journey and we are very excited to meet you along the way.”