Minimally designed, String Lights is an original suspension, conceptually simple and bold at the same time that sets up a relationship with the architecture of a space, becoming part of the lines formed by its walls. Two different light sources can be stretched out along it: one in the shape of an isosceles triangle, the other in the form of a sphere. A system of tensors gives volume and three-dimensionality to the form outlined by this lightweight cord.

Anastassiades, in his seek for primordial and original essence in forms and materials moves his designs towards abstraction, taking objects and materials back to their original dimension of bareness. As the designer states: “My work springs from an idea of subtraction. Because a naked object brought back to its bare essentiality is the ultimate, definitive expression of beauty.”

String Lights, created for FLOS, received the prestigious EDIDA 2014 (Elle Deco International Design Awards) award for Lighting.

Images © Giuseppe Brancato, Graham Carlow, Ben Murhpy | FLOS