These custom iPhone cases created from wood by Mouchmouch Designs are beautiful yet sustainable objects of everyday use that can be engraved with a wide range of custom designs as well as corporate logos, upon request.

Founded in London by Karolos Mouchtaris, the brand was born out of a passion for architecture and sustainable design. With a fascination for material exploration and through testing the performance of various natural materials, the founder’s love of wood designs developed. After testing countless wood varieties to discover the performance and durability of their design, Bamboo and Walnut – known for their rich grain and durability – were selected as the materials for the cases.

The brand’s ethos stems from a lineage of carpenters, architects and designers. By creating bespoke designs through the use of fine natural materials, crafted and presented with precision, Mouchmouch Designs seeks to embody sustainable design in every-day life with a unique edge.