Handcrafted on Ios, a small island of the Cyclades, the wooden toys of The Wandering Workshop are envisioned as an invitation to a world open to imagination. Their form, color and carefully selected materials stimulate children to create their own imaginative worlds and stories through creative, slow play.

Travelling clouds, red umbrellas blown away by the wind, a tricycle with red helices, an adventurous little boat, a few drops of rain, a little blue train accompanied by the crescent moon that travels through imaginary landscapes when the night falls, are a few fantastic elements of the designers’ story-telling. Jose and Athina – the creators of The Wandering Workshop – are inspired by the clear forms of the Aegean architecture, the simplicity and textures of traditional and ancient Greek artifacts, the ever-changing blue of the Aegean Sea, and the fairy tales that Greek grand-moms so beautifully used to tell.

The toys are handcrafted in a small scale through an elaborate artisan process, with respect to the environment. They are hand-cut, sanded and hand-painted with attention to detail in order to be soft to the touch, familiarizing children with the qualities of wood. Their materials are of a high quality and of European provenience. They are carefully selected to be friendly to the kids and the environment. The wood comes from FSC certified suppliers. The colors and varnish are free of harmful, toxic substances and eco-friendly.