The project presented is a welcome gift for Sandom Hotel in Paros Island, Greece.

The special design & concept are the dominant elements to welcome every single guest not only into the hotel but also to hospitality’s holistic approach. The inspiration of this exclusively designed Welcome Gift comes from the hotel’s 9-room numbering system, which has been attributed using 9 different hours and phases of the sun, from sunrise to sunset, during the longest day of the year, the summer solstice. Following their philosophy, the “Welcome Gift” box was designed using 3 different hours of the day both externally-on the white box and internally on the products. Following every step described on the box & using every product, any guest can live the experience of a typical Greek & Mediterranean nutrition plan.

Copywriter / Texts: Christoforou Irini

Plexiglass: Plexiart Shop

Box: Tsanis Pack

Bottles Screenprint: Print on Glass