Ancient Kallos new high summer 2021 collection offers fresh designs with an emphasis on the Greek traditional embroideries  and attention to details! The  collection is defined by natural fibers, beautiful finishings and colorful  patterns.

“Finest embroideries sourced by the great Greek heritage with a history of more than 100 years old, have been applied with respect to our tradition. They could be identified according to their place of origin such as Thrace, the Aegean and the  Ionian islands. Although styles and designs were transferred either through commerce or marriage, particularly in the islands, strong regional patterns and techniques were preserved and loved up to this day.

Crisp and highly breathable, incredibly smooth linen of the highest quality, the flowing and luxurious silk cotton and the light weight cotton are our fabrics.

Our unique print this season is inspired by Anthemion.The impressive sculpture of the Anthemion adorned the roof of the Parthenon and it was considered to be a wild flower of the Acropolis area. A plaster representation of it is on display today at the Acropolis Museum.

The anthemion was used widely by the Greeks to embellish various parts of ancient buildings and soon adapted it to ornament architecture. The Anthemion pattern has been ingeniously depicted on our earrings, pendants, rings and bracelets, adding glow to our unique jewelry collection. Swimsuits and bikinis are decorated with a golden motif of akrokeramo and made to match with crochet dresses and cover ups.

Inspired by, designed, crafted and manufactured exclusively in Greece.”