The interior for Hall’s new 250 sq ft fine jewelry retail space in Notting Hill, London, designed by Fotis Evans, was inspired by the company’s name and the look and feel of 1950s hotel lobbies. The result is a conversation between different timbers and clean lines that move and echo throughout. The overall retail and office space at Hall is created entirely out of a modular partition constructed from ash with a Danish oil finish and birch plywood in white wash, separating the floorspace into two areas, the retail space on the front and the atelier space to the back. The use of reinforced Georgian wired glass on the partition walls allows natural light emanating from the store’s large windows to illuminate the staircase and studio at the back of the room. Movements inside the atelier are reflected on the glass surface creating a dynamic shadow play that activates the space. Finally, the subtle oak grain in black wash of the display cases focuses attention on the jewelry displays.