Original Replica designed the visual identity for Áli Beer using a playful yet consistent house style that introduces costumers to this new, ‘homemade’ quality product. Áli Weiss and Áli I.P.A. are the first two types of fresh craft beer that are being brewed by the newly established microbrewery – the first one in Thessaloniki. Áli in Greek stands for ‘drifting’, ‘meandering’, ‘seeking the truth’, while one of its derivatives stands for ‘hobo’, ‘tramp’ or ‘drifter’. A basic goal of the brewery is to make the customers —especially the younger generation— to get to know and appreciate craft beer.

Áli beer has a ‘homemade’ quality. It is brewed in small batches and is served in selected bars and restaurants. To communicate these values, Original Replica chose a handcrafted approach in the creation of the brand’s visual identity. All design elements and motifs are put together from scanned rubber stamps of shapes, letters and lines to form a playful yet consistent house style. The visual identity includes the brand logo, bottle labels, business cards, product leaflet, flyer, coasters and cardboard box.