Boutari Winery is one of the greatest and most historical companies of quality wine making. Since its establishment in 1879, the company has set the foundations for the production of quality bottled wines, it has contributed to the revival and development of indigenous grape varieties and it continuously invests in innovative products and services.

Its presence in 35 countries, as well as the numerous distinctions it has received to date, which are more than 540, render the company a worthy ambassador of quality bottled winemaking in Greece and abroad. The company is honoured with the award Winery of the Year for the 18th time by one of the most important publications in the wine sector worldwide, the American magazine Wine & Spirits. This distinction ranks Boutari Winery in the Hall of Fame’s top six wineries in the world.

The company has been active in the regions: Naoussa, Goumenissa, Mantinia, Santorini, Crete while in Attica it collaborates with Roxane Matsa Estate. Boutari has been the first winery that acquires a winery abroad, the Domaine De Mayrac in Southern France.

Images @ Nikolas Mastoras