Chris Trivizas chose the name Cookoovaya (which in Greek stands for owl) for this restaurant’s house wine as reference to the bird’s knowledge and wisdom, and drawing parallels to the respective knowledge and gastronomic ‘wisdom’ of its chefs. On a second level, the name connects the owl – whose vision is excellent during both day and night – with eating out in a restaurant at all hours. The symbol of the logo was inspired by the eyes of an owl, designed in a way that resembles the cooking hotplates of a professional kitchen. The logo’s typography has clean, simple lines and capital letters that equal the thickness of its accompanying symbol, in order to express the restaurant’s validity and professionalism. Four labels were designed (Assyrtiko, Malagouzia, Rosé Syrah & Red Merlot). Inspired by the letters of the words of every variety, each label is visually differentiated, creating a unified identity. By rotating the bottle one discovers that the width of the label equals the maximum rotation ability of an owl’s head: 270 degrees.

Images © Math Studio