Ena Karo is a small business of natural handmade soap, located in Tinos, Cyclades, that makes 100% natural soaps, using only top quality ingredients such as Greek olive oil, Greek herbs and beeswax. To make soaps perform better, they also also work with wonderful exotic oils and butters, such as coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, cocoa butter and Shea butter. Paprika, clays or cocoa powder are used for coloring the soaps, while their perfume is the result of various combinations of essential oils. No artificial colors or perfumes are used for those purposes.

Ena Karo is in love with handmade soaps but also produces a range of wonderful lip butters and body scrubs. In addition, it provides a selection of accessories related to soap, like handmade ceramic or marble soap dishes, natural sponges and hammam towels. The company is totally against animal testing and avoids the use of plastic. All packaging materials are either recycled or recyclable. Ena Κaro’s workshop is open to visitors, so next time you find yourselves in Tinos, you can have a small tour into the workshop and learn how soap is made.