Ergon is a concept store that combines a modern restaurant with a traditional grocery store. It serves traditional Greek food with a twist, while offering the option of buying all the original ingredients from its deli. The menu, created by executive chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos, is both a celebration and a reinvention of Greek cuisine, featuring signature dishes such as black tzatziki flavored with squid ink, and Gruyere cheese rolled with oats and drizzled with syrup, to name a few. The interior of the concept store combines exposed light bulbs, white-painted brick walls and stainless steel features with an industrial chic aesthetic, further complemented by a stripped-back décor and minimalist wooden benches. It was designed by the awarded Nikiforidis-Cuomo Architects and it has been applied to all new Ergon stores by the Urban Soul Project design team.

Ergon is the brainchild of entrepreneurial brothers Thomas and Giorgos Douzis. The first concept store opened in 2009 and it keeps adding pins on the map ever since, both in Greece and abroad.